Let her be. So all that is in her will not bloom -- but in how many does it? There is still enough left for her to live by. Only help her to know -- help make it so there is cause for her to know -- that she is more than this dress on the ironing board, helpless beneath the iron.
- Tillie Olsen, "I Stand Here Ironing"


Name: Setsumi
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Blood Type: O
Three Sizes: Unknown
Education Level: Unknown
Favorite Things: Unknown
Color of ID Bracelet: White

The Protagonist

A young man, 20 years of age. Attends a technical institute, and has just taken (and passed) his driver's license examination. Lives with his family -- a taciturn and unsupportive mother and father and a little sister who only ever has harsh words for him. Has never really been sick in his entire life. Has never really had much of an aim for his entire life, either. Seems to be a rather quiet sort, and does not really seem to have any strong opinions about anything; probably considered to be a good friend by his buddies for just that reason. A very "normal" guy at the beginning of this piece, unremarkable, nondescript; someone you could pass by in the middle of the street and not notice at all. Probably wishes to stay that way. Unfortunately for him, most definitely will not stay that way ...